What is 0queue?

0Queue is an app for clients to request virtual shifts in establishments such as Banks, Telcos, Notaries, EPS, or before any entity that has customer service points or the general public.



It allows the entity’s clients or citizens to use their mobile devices, smartphones and tablets to obtain a personalized service schedule.

  • Validates the consistency of the data entered by the client / citizen in accordance with the entity’s policies, such as: Business hours of attention, amounts according to the transaction to be carried out in the case of banking entities and those that are required.   

  • Validates the availability of the shift according to the day and time selected, and in case of not having availability allows: 

    a) Schedule change at the same office / point of service.

    b) Suggest 3 offices / service points closest to the one initially selected, which are available in the same time slot.   

The entity receives the day and hour shift at the office or location selected by the client / citizen, to better manage its available resources.


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