AmlRisk – Search Restrictive Lists



AmlRisk is a software with more than 10 years of experience in the market, operating in recognized entities of the financial and real sector. This tool allows, through a powerful search engine, validation of natural and legal persons in international and national lists, becoming a valuable preventive control instrument that preserves the good image of the entities..


Viñeta Robust database (with more than 58 sources of national and international information) with ample information, both negative and positive.

Viñeta Easy integration to an unlimited number of users and multiple consultation of designated persons or people politically and publicly exposed.

Viñeta It allows to generate statistical historical reports and notifications of the system of alerts in real time.

Viñeta AmlRisk is responsible for keeping your database updated daily with the different lists it offers.


Can perform different types of searches:

  • Direct Search: The user can search based on a specific person or company’s name and/or identification documents based on the different lists that AmlRisk has to offer.

  • Massive Search: The user can do a cross search based on an archive of clients or any other people that have a relationship with the company, based on the different lists that AmlRisk has to offer.

  • Private Lists: The system allows autonomous list management so that companies can add their own lists and names of natural and corporate persons that they wish to prohibit.

Functional Structure:

  • User security and administration

  • External system consultation and synchronization

  • Smart searches

  • Query history

  • Reports

AmlRisk allows companies to do preform their due diligence when it comes to “Know your customer” (KYC), a legal requirement in many countries.



Because it’s a system that offers automatic updates and synchronization with lists from the UN and the OFAC, with original sources, flexible search functions for the user, people’s names and identification documents, mass cross searches of an archive of clients from different interest groups and the added value to protect against risk and to preserve the corporate public image.

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