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0Queue is one of the mobile applications born in Todosistemas, which was designed in order to manage the level of service provided in a physical establishment, optimizing the operation of the service and giving value to the customer. With it you can manage your staff, the headquarters, the client and the process to be carried out, controlling the capacity and waiting time, all from your hand.

0Queue is one of Todosistemas’ own solutions that allows you to manage the service in an integral way, with the force of your thumbs.

Manage your staff, the headquarters, the client and the process to be carried out in a practical and intuitive way, designed to generate value for the client and reduce waiting time in line.



Easy and friendly interface for creating shifts and scheduling

Administrative and business panel to track shifts

Designed for any type of business that handles customer service

Control of authorized capacity in times of restriction

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Mail2Call is a service that receives e-mails from a device, converts the text to speech and makes a call to a landline or cell phone number in real time. You have the possibility of adding the sending of an SMS message to the same destination number of the call.

The Mail2Call service is hosted in the Azure cloud, so you are covered with the security aspects of this provider.



Phone calls triggered by emails from specific senders and business hours

Copy of SMS with the content of the mail

Number of parameterized call retries

Number of parameterized call retries

Dashboard, reports and call log

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