DocuWare enables the scanning of printed documents to be done quickly and efficiently, reducing or eliminating the use of paper



Costs Reduction

The savings go beyond the cost of the paper (which is usually considerable). Spending on toner replacements, MFP printer upgrades, and postage is also reduced. Even more significant savings can be made by removing filing cabinets and furniture and recovering large storage areas.

Check  Improves Security

 Limit access to documents and information so that only authorized people can access and avoid tampering. Ensure more effective disaster recovery with   the recovery of archived digital documentation against the replacement of filing cabinets destroyed by flood, fire or facility collapse.


Fluid Operations

Reduce total process cycle times by up to 75% on key processes in the accounting, human resources, contracts, legal, and other key operations of the organization.

¿How does Docuware work?

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