What is BPM?

BPM is the name of Business Process Management  software or applications. These are business software designed to optimize the productivity of your operation, solve setbacks in workflows and manage human resources for work in the office or anywhere in the world.

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AuraQuantic is one of the most powerful and at the same time cheapest BPM platforms on the market, with one of the best user experiences, thanks to its Low-Code functionalities.




It is a TELEWORK solution

It is a LOW-CODE application creation platform

It is a management platform and HYPER-AUTOMATION OF PROCESSES

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Automation Anywhere

Historias de éxito | Automation Anywhere

It is one of the software that complies with our usability and profitability principles that do ensure notable progress or improvement in your company’s processes.

It is omnichannel, and adaptable to any software that your company already has, it can take over any task that is entrusted to it since it has different modules that allow comprehensive automation, thanks to IQBot, an AI that is capable of learning based on experience of their work. And that is just one of the many modules that Automation Anywhere has.

Also, if your thing is analysis and data collection, Bot Insight is the only bot platform designed for analytics and data collection.

Any business process can be automated with scalable Software Robots that interact with any system or application, just like a human would, with the benefit of being designed to make RPA business processes error-free.

Synthesizes data at the level of each Bot action in real time, to generate business insights while measuring effectiveness, producing processing statistics and operational analysis of the new digital workforce.

Cognitive automation uses machine learning for semi-structured processes that require expert decision making.

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