Information Technology Outsourcing

With a methodology based on 20 years of experience providing outsourcing services, we offer our clients a series of proven and easy to understand procedures through Information Technology Outsourcing (I.T.O). 

Information Technology OutsourcingHow does it work?


FIRO test (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation)

Interview with Human Resources Unit Leader.

Technical test (where applicable).

Self – Control

Work schedules for actions, reviews and periodic approvals.


Performance based evaluation for specific objectives of:

  • Commitment

  • Accomplishment

  • Quality


Thanks to a careful selection process, competitive salaries based on market averages, as well as formal contracts, our staff of professionals have an extremely low turnover rate, guaranteeing continuity for all of our clients’ projects.

In the case of absences due to holidays or educational needs, workers are paid until the beginning of the absence period. The starting date of the absence is agreed upon mutually by the company and the worker with a minimum of one month’s notice, during which, the company is presented with candidates to fill the vacancy for the approved time period.

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