Monitor FMS – Anti-Fraud System


MonitorFMS is a system to monitor all payment transactions including from credit cards, debit cards, checks, savings passbooks, ATMs, IVRs and internet transactions that have a high level of risk and are potentially fraudulent based on the data you provide.


  1. Decrease in false positive matches.

  2. Online operator management and oversight.

  3. Optimized response levels based on debit card and credit card franchise requirements.

  4. Easy operator training.

  5. Reduction in operational load when obtaining and locating clients’ identification data.


  • ​High ​perfomance profile of ​our company and its employees

  • Specialists in the financial sector with more than 35 years of accumulated experience.

  • Specialists in anti-fraud management.

  • Experts in computational intelligence.

  • Excellence in software engineering.

  • Excellence in technical support

  • Service based philosophy committed to quality, commitment and completion.

  • High functionality.

  • Quick learning curve, with a division of functions based on users’ different work roles. “Easy to use and to understand”.

  • Light and stable tech platform. “Easy to install and maintain”.

  • System built in accordance with the Anti-Fraud area of international banking institutions. “Highly specialized system”.

  • Flexible and adaptable. “Easy to update”.

  • Constant use of the latest in flexible computing technology. “Constant innovation”.

  • During the last five years, under normal conditions, Monitor F.M.S has had 100% uptime, 24/7. “It’s stable”.

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