SARAD – Risk Management


It’s a Criminal Activities Risk Management System that works as a practical and easy guide to use for documenting risk-based models tailored to the needs of each entity. With international focus standards such as ISO 31000, and recommendations from the Financial Action Group (GAFI) and the United Nations (UN).

It allows for the integration of different methodologies, risk factors associated, processes and configurations based on matrices and individual counterparty risk profiles, incorporating individual formulas (based on risk assessment) to optimize it’s affect and minimize potential risks that the entity is exposed to.


It’s an easy tool that provides a model design tailored to individual needs based on the economic activity of each company. It uses functional documentation and allows for results to be exported in the form of visual heat maps for presentations and executive reports.

Read our article about “Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, scourge that affects economic sectors” in our informative blog and learn more about the tool.

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